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A Japanese character artist and cartoonist living in Tokyo.
.... is a typical Japanese who loves eating food and kawaii things and moreover, a little bit silly girl..... but has a notable point that 𷸡²ܿ, studying Cantonese.... wants to get accross cultural boundaries by her cartoons/illustrations with Hong Kong people.

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Kawaii Hong Kong

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I am mcdull (Hong Kong Anime) lover!
Kanatin loves Japanese tea

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A tapir. Kanatin's best friend. See Bakutin's adventures.

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KANATIN (Overseas) Ltd.

KANATIN (Oversaes) Ltd., a Japan based desing house, mainly character design, comics, toy manufacture and editorial work, established by Kanae MASUDA (a.k.a Kanatin) in 2012, active across Japan and Hong Kong.


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